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Are you ready for #wecreateexperiences activation day on 7 December?

Are you ready for #wecreateexperiences activation day on 7 December?

Published by Neil Thompson

3rd December 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
3rd December 2020

The One Industry One Voice movement is moving to the next level of exposure on Monday 7 December when their #wecreateexperiences - One Day One Message engagement begins

The point of the enterprise is to remind decision makers who book events of the importance of live event experiences and the value they bring to their businesses, encouraging them to look ahead to 2021 and commit to planning and budgeting for events. What better way to do that than through impactful, memorable imagery and video? So they are looking for people from all aspects of the industry to play a part in this activation.

What you need to do for Monday 7 December:

• Find an image or a short video clip (max 60 seconds & landscape sized) of your favourite and proudest experiences that you’ve helped to create. Please ensure you have the rights to share this content on your own social media accounts or your credit the relevant source. It can be from an awards ceremony, a product launch or brand activation, a trade show, conference, exhibition, or charity fundraiser – any business event that has created a memorable experience for a client. If you’ve made an event happen in 2020, even better!

• On the 7th December, create a post that includes your image and/or video, as well as the #wecreateexperiences hashtag and any others you would like to include and a tag to the relevant OIOV channel linked below. Then please share your posts on your own social media channels as this message needs to go outside the event industry. Do get your friends, family, colleagues and clients to engage and reshare your posts once they’re live!

• Your efforts will make a difference and will help to inspire 2021 events & restore confidence in other industry professionals and decision makers. Please get sharing, tagging, reassuring and inspiring!

The One Industry One Voice channels:

Please see the #wecreateexperiences email signature below. OIOV are asking people to use it on 7th December for the whole day – you can download this image by right clicking on it and choosing 'save as'