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Wellbeing Update: Stress Matters launch Once upon a Pandemic

Published By Neil Thompson on 30th November 2020

Wellbeing Update: Stress Matters launch Once upon a Pandemic

Welcome to our regular check-ins with our official wellbeing partners, Stress Matters - headed up by the wonderful Laura Capell-Abra.

Once upon a Pandemic
As we all well know, everyone has had such unique experiences over the past 8 months. Stress Matters were keen to capture these stories and understand how we all as individuals have been finding things. Stories have been submitted via their website and through 30 interviews and counting. The team has been speaking to people across the industry, from CEOs to apprentices, from freelancers to business owners and asking them the important question - How are you doing?

Each story is unique and offers us a little extra insight into the human side of our industry. Giving everyone that reads them, a little inspiration and a good reason to reconnect with an industry colleague you've not spoken to in a while.

It is Rupert Bassadone's story that has been shared today. Read how Rupert has found the last 8 months - Open the advent calendar on No1:

Every day in December, Stress Matters will be sharing one of these stories on their social media and website. In January, the full collection of all the stories will be shared. So if you would like to share your story, you are not too late, please visit for more information. Your story will be more inspiring than you think.

Email: [email protected]