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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Published By Neil Thompson on 8th September 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Our official well-being partner, Stress Matters, would like to spread the word about World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 which is this Thursday 10 September. We want to help bring the industry together and reach out to support each other.

Stress Matters have also written a blog which talks people through the signs to watch out for - here's an exert:

Suicide is Preventable. This has been a tough year. A really tough year. And for some people, the pain is unbearable.

Nearly 45,000 Americans died by suicide in 2016, according to the CDC. That is approximately how many people in the UK have lost their life to COVID-19 in 2020 so far.
Think about how much coverage you hear about suicide.

In the UK in 2018, 6,507 people lost their life to suicide and with recent reports indicating that the number of those that have depression has doubled in the last 3 months, this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day is never more pertinent.

We need to think about and talk about it more. It starts with knowing what to look for and what to do. You can help.

Read their full blog post here: