Osme Candles

Member since 1st Mar 2021

Osmḗ Candles is a British chandler, specialising in hand scented, hand-poured candles made from materials that are all from sustainable sources.

Our service allows you to put your mark on candles we produce for you in the sizes, scents and colours available from our range.

What makes us different?
  • Options - our brand or yours
  • British business with a strong sustainability commitment
  • Choice, you get to choose the scents and colour
  • Flexibility around ordering, we don't ask you to order in huge volumes either
  • Besides labelled glassware, we can now offer print to glass for companies,

Whether for special days such as weddings and birthdays, as corporate or thank you gifts, our premium scented candles offer a signature touch that is so memorable.

Smell the memories

Scent is one of our strongest ways of evoking our past, bring us back to times, places and people we love. Whether you want to transport yourself back or help create new memories, Osmḗ candles help take you there.