RAW Artists

Member since 27th Apr 2022

RAW Artists is the largest independent arts organization in the world. Their mission is to provide tools, resources, exposure and education to artists and creatives everywhere. RAW has hosted thousands of collaborative showcases in 70 cities around the globe for almost 13 years.

For the first time ever, RAW Artists is sharing all they have learned, and the technology they have built, with creative entrepreneurs across the US through a turn-key licensing proprietary program called PLATFORM by RAW Artists™

Joining PLATFORM by RAW Artists™ means you will:

Own Your Own Creative Showcase Event

Have Access to RAW’s Tutorials, Resources, Extensive Artist Database & More

Have a Website and Full Ticket Eco-System in Place

Be able to use RAW’s trademark * (or come up with your own name)

Learn more here: www.RAWartists.com/PLATFORM