Sense of Purpose Coaching

Member since 27th Jun 2020

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to change your job, build a new career, launch a new freelance business or switch to something else then I can help. If you’re feeling short of time, overwhelmed or just plain stuck, then I can help you get some fresh thinking. If you love your job but feel like you should be getting more recognition, feel more valued, speak up more or build yourself a profile, I'll give you tips and tricks too.

I draw on 25+ years of profile-building, interviews and transformational coaching to offer a confidence-building strategy that starts with discovering who you really are and what you’d really like to achieve. A process to give you clarity, consistency and confidence in showing up as your authentic self.

I've helped many #eventprofs get clear on their goals and dreams, together with the belief to go out and get them!