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Sheer Edge Ltd

Member since 1st Jun 2020

Sheer Edge is an award-winning Events agency, based in the UK, founded by Jo Ferreday.

With almost two decades of experience in the Hospitality & Events industry, our primary aim is to provide the right event solution for our client's events needs.

We are a friendly, fun, geeky, creative bunch, who relish delivering that show-stopping venue, event support and exceptional customer service which we are well known for.

Our team understand what clients want from their events, taking the time to really get under the skin of what the organisers want to achieve. How they want their delegates to feel, their experience which is so truly important. We support existing marketing and events teams, think of us as a helping hand taking the pressure off and supporting our clients to deliver successful events. We've worked with multi-national and global businesses and SME's, varying sectors.

We thrive on supporting our clients to achieve the best results from their event.

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FAQs answered by Sheer Edge Ltd

How does your event support service work?
We set up a discovery call to understand what you are looking to achieve for your own or your clients venue. Then formulate a plan of action, a response to your needs and budget.
How do I book a virtual experience through your agency?
Simple, take a look at our website for some virtual experience inspiration, then get in touch with the date you are thinking of, how many delegates and we can take it from there.
Can you give me an idea of the best virtual platform to use?
We partner with a range of the best platforms out there, some are bespoke and some are off the shelf, always happy to share our knowledge and experience of these with you, or help support you.
Can you tell me more about your wellness sessions and hampers?
Of course, to celebrate the agency being 5 years old we wanted to support everyone's wellbeing by contributing to two worthy causes, Eventwell and Kaleidoscope Plus Group. For every session/hamper sold we allocate £2 to these charities, take a look at our Incentives & Rewards page for more info.
How does your hospitality booking service work?
Take a look at the hospitality options available to you, we will talk through prices and availability and then we can secure the booking. Or if you don't see anything you like the look of, we work on bespoke and unique events as well as delivering the standard hospitality bookings.

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