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Create fully branded videos automatically! No more film crews, No more editing, No more fuss. Now anyone can make high quality videos on a budget using this simple and innovative cloud solution. Create your video branding, send a link for people to record a video on a smartphone or computer, then in seconds, ShoutOut creates a video completely automatically with music, name captions and your logo and branding. You can also add subtitles and build compilation videos, all without any editing experience. You can even upload photographs to edit and share on social media and create compilation videos with B roll automatically. Testimonial videos, video reviews, event videos, social videos, sales listing videos. Find out more at and try for free at

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FAQs answered by ShoutOut

Operation Who is ShoutOut aimed at?
ShoutOut is for organisations or individuals. We have multiple products with very specific use cases.
Is it really easy to use?
It really is! We have spent a lot of time making it super easy to use. It's worth reading through the help text at the start though, just so you understand the logic.
Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, if you are unhappy with your video, we will give you a refund.
Who is the team behind ShoutOut?
Our founder has been producing content for 35 years and was nominated for a BAFTA. ShoutOut is based on years of figuring out how to automate the process of making engaging videos. ShoutOut is simple but not easy. We have a combination of young talented individuals and more experienced hands.
How do I send people the final video?
There are a couple of ways. You can click on the downloadable link and send that or you can download the final video from the download button on the video page and send the file or upload to social media or YouTube.

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