Depot Mayfield

Depot Mayfield is a truly unique setting which is sure to captivate your imagination as it did ours.

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Address: Depot Mayfield, Baring Street, Manchester, M1 2PY
Conference Sales Contact: Grace McAvenne - Sales & Client Manager
Tel: +44 (0)7903 312547

Now it cannot be denied that Depot Mayfield is not the usual corporate venue that we visit, as it is a long way away from your typical luxury hotel or conference centre. However, while its exposed industrial architecture does feel unashamedly raw, it is this same hard and unrefined style that gives the Depot Mayfield its character. Indeed, we can honestly say that this unique setting is sure to captivate your imagination as it did ours. Undoubtedly, you will certainly agree with us in recognising the potential that this place has in holding world-class events. Simply put…we loved it!

Centrally located in the heart of Manchester city centre, with Manchester airport only 10 miles away Piccadilly station just a 2-minute walk away, the site was originally occupied by a Print Works dating all the way back to 1782. Around the start of the 20th century it was decided that the growing city needed a new train station in order to help with the surging demands placed upon it. So, a few years later in 1910, Mayfield Station was opened to the public.

Despite suffering bomb damage in 1940 it remained a busy hub until 1960 when it closed. Although it was used as a service depot by Royal Mail until the late 1980’s, it remained largely abandoned until it was revived as a concert venue during the Manchester International Festival.

Nowadays, its vast chambers, rooftop platform and sprawling cavernous vaults form an exciting, flexible, multi-use venue that would be an incredible location for films, tv shows, concerts, product launches, photography shoots or any type of experiential events. Indeed, the entire site is amazing, and it is inevitable that the raw industrial landscape will inexorably add something special to any event held here that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The benefit of hosting your event at this dry hire venue is its flexible approach to catering. The venue works with preferred suppliers & local bar operators and can source exactly what you need or alternatively you can bring in your favourite brands. Also, during our visit, permanent toilets were being installed so until then, you will need to hire in toilet blocks, again the venue can assist with this.

In total there are eight event spaces here, six of which are internal with a further two being located externally. Total capacity here is for 10,000 people so you will be able to host some absolutely extraordinary events! From the smaller, more intimate Arch 7 that comprises just a single railway arch to the huge open space of the Platform, this venue is just incredible. While each of the seven spaces are completely unique and equally exciting to visit, we have with difficulty chosen to preview just five of them here.

First and foremost, is the largest space here known as the Depot. As the namesake of this entire venue, the Depot forms the heart and soul of this place. And measuring in at 4,600m2 it is absolutely huge too! This massive industrial area forms a raw cavernous warehouse that again showcases the original brick and steelwork pillars.

Able to host up to 6,100 people, it would be perfect for live shows, tv adverts, shows, films, photography events or high-profile concerts. Walking through this area, you really get a feel for its potential. The possibilities here are amazing, as the huge open area is packed full of character whilst retaining the capacity for you to cast your own stamp on it.

Moving on to the 2nd biggest space here, is the 2,500 capacity Concourse. A large open plan area with a series of arches providing opportunities for intimate experiences. Centrally, there is a raised platform that provides a readymade stage making this a perfect focal point for car shows, brand events, art installations or any large exhibitions.

Next, we visited the Archive room. At 1,418m2, it is one of the more intimate spaces here at Depot Mayfield. Composed of three joined railway arches, its open tunnel like construction is completely open plan, giving unobscured views along its entire length.

Natural light at one end gives a subterranean feel to the area that only adds to the allurement of this room, giving it an individual personality unlike no other. For any events dinners, conferences, product launches, parties or even weddings, the Archive would be incredible and would feel like you have discovered something that is your very own.

Moving outside and upstairs, we came across the Platform. Truly, this unique space is incomparable to any place that you may have held an event at before. Spanning over 4 derelict railway tracks and platforms, this rooftop destination still retains its old ticket office and waiting room! The cast iron roof structure again only contributes to the raw industrial appeal of this place, adding yet more character that captivates you even further.

This magnetising space is just stunning and really is something special. For any events such as festivals, fashion shows, experiential events or for film and photography shoots it would be just perfect.

Last, but certainly not least, we visited the Yard. As a series of outdoor spaces, it is a fantastic area that is able to host up to 2,500 people and recently hosted Ariana Grande as part of Manchester Pride. With a lovely outdoor bar, hanging lightbulbs and seating, this is a great space that would be ideal for live performances, filming or brand events.

What can we say, but wow! Depot Mayfield is an incredible venue unlike any other we have been to. This amazing industrial space has so much character and yet retains tons and tons of potential that will allow you to make it your own. The options here for events are endless and with such a central location, you cannot go wrong.