Stellar Speakers

Member since 23rd Feb 2021

Stellar Speakers, are unique speaker agency for thought leaders, change agents and industry experts who are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Our promise is to ensure that booking a speaker for your event is not only a seamless process, but that your organisation receives value and ROI on your investment. We do not represent ‘motivational’ speakers, instead, we focus on improving your profits, productivity and performance through high content and valuable insights.

We offer more than a transactional booking process. We support you in shaping your event, help you to set objectives & outcomes and ensure that we provide you with a speaker who is a perfect match to achieve this.

Stellar Speakers are professional speakers of great influence. We have two typse of speaker:

Our Stellar Speakers are the ‘go to’ person in their industry and provide both expertise and insights to organisations.

Our Rising Stars are our ‘up-and-coming’ professional speakers. You might not have heard of them but when you do, you will never forget them!