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In the UK, Streeem is unique.

We are the UK's first iPhone-only, multi-camera livestream and event video production company. To get an idea of what we do, we have a couple of cool videos at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to watch those, then come back!

Described by a CEO as 'the coolest video production company I've ever worked with' and by another client 'the best example of a true tech disruptor I've seen in years', we've established ourselves as a real and credible alternative in the heavily crowded world of event video production.

There are many reasons for this…

Simple, flat rate pricing
We operate from very simple, flat-rate pricing. There's no hidden extras and we don't charge per camera channel - we don't believe you should be penalised for wanting to make your event or content better. The price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Unique & environmentally friendly production kit
We have designed an ultra-portable production kit, which means no lorry, no van and sometimes, not even a car. We carry everything we need for a 4-camera shoot in 1 case. Sometimes when we need a bit more kit, we take 2 of those cases.

On most jobs we do, we don't need more than 2 people so not only are we mobile, but we are light on team also - and that's because all our cameras operate using full remote control of pan, tilt and zoom.

The reduced vehicle requirements and the low numbers in the production team have obvious positive environmental impacts too.

Guaranteed quality
While we save on big vehicle usage and large teams as well as offering our flat-rate pricing structure, we don't ever sacrifice quality. Streaming 720 or at 1080 to single or multiple social channels, to single or multiple private servers, into online event platforms, pre-recorded sessions and record-only engagements are all our thing.

Add in extended services such as live captioning and multi-language live audio translation and you'll soon forget that we shot everything you're outputting using devices that most of us have in our pockets.

We've worked with small businesses you won't know of, and multi-billion-dollar global household names. We've filmed everything from small fire-side chat style events through to large awards ceremonies in the Great Room at Grosvenor House on Park Lane as well as travelling nationally and internationally - always with our same tried and tested kit.

Experts in livestream
During and following Covid-19, we became the go-to company for advice on producing online and hybrid events.

We always offered this consultancy for free, with the desire to make sure the people who have called us get the outcome they need for their event. Naturally, some of that has turned to business and as a result, we've remote-produced hours and hours of live streams, webinars and the like - leading the technical production for events streamed to national and global audiences.

Anything, anywhere
One thing we love about what we do is that we can do it anywhere, always with our same tried and tested kit. From filming interviews at the stop of a skyscraper in Dubai to subtly capturing a small recognition event on the Royal Yacht Brittania, we can and do work all over the world.

We are Streeem. Proudly, the UK's first iPhone-only, multi-camera livestream and event video production company. We use tech that will blow your mind but not your budget and we'd love to work with you.

Dominic Compagnone, Jan 2023.

5 Superstars testimonials for Streeem

Streeem was brilliant to work with

The team at Streeem’s approach throughout the entire process, from pre-record to post-production was extremely practical and orientated to helping us find solutions to deliver what we wanted. Their enormous experience gave me the reassurance that I was in more than capable hands and I appreciated Dominic’s plain talking when assessing more innovative ideas for the broadcast.

Feedback from viewers around the rowing community has been overwhelmingly positive. Streeem was brilliant to work with and we have been more than delighted with the outcome.

12 days ago by British Rowing

Working with Streeem has given us exactly the event we wanted

Dominic and his team have been fantastic at helping us achieve high-quality annual events, but are always considerate of our budget and fully transparent. They have helped us understand what we need and been honest with us around what we don’t, without compromising the end result. 

Whenever we have given Dominic challenges, he has come back to us with solutions, he understands what we are trying to do and always has fresh ideas, right down to the smallest of details that can improve the overall experience for our attendees.

From the preparation, planning and organisation of our event, working with Streeem has given us exactly the event we wanted.

12 days ago

Streeem were a dream!

Dominic and the team were a dream to work with and the entire process ran incredibly smoothly with impressively fast turn-arounds.

The small kit the team used was perfect for our Atlantic Club Events where guests are often standing and moving around busy restaurants and venues and space is limited. The team immersed themselves in the events as if they were guests themselves and mingled through the guests in a way that was barely noticed, resulting in footage that was totally natural.

Streeem understood our brief from the outset and captured the essence of our events.

12 days ago

Nothing is ever too much for Streeem.

I knew we could trust Streeem and Dominic implicitly to deliver to the highest standard and we are delighted with the highlights video they have created of the OTT Summit for SportsPro.

Nothing is ever too much for Streeem. They work as an extension of our marketing team at events to ensure every aspect goes smoothly. It is particularly important that they are client-facing as well, representing SportsPro to our clients – they aren’t just a techy behind the scenes crew.

With Streeem, I also knew the quality would be fantastic and we would have a great record of a brilliant event extending the profile of SportsPro for much longer than just the four days of the OTT Summit.

12 days ago by Yin Khoo, SportsPro Production Director

Amazing people. Amazing Service. Wow

Having worked with Dom, Ed and the team for the 2 years, we can honestly say they are amazing at what they do. great service, great price, super professional and fun to work with too!

2 years ago by Neil Thompson

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