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In the UK, Streeem is unique.

We are the UKs first iPhone-only, multi-camera livestream and event video production company.

Described by the CEO of one of our clients as 'the coolest video production company I've ever worked with' and by another as 'the best example of a true tech disruptor I've seen in years', we've established ourselves as a real and credible alternative in the heavily crowded world of event video production.

There are many reasons for this: The first is that we operate from very simple, flat-rate pricing. There's no hidden extras and we don't charge per camera channel - we don't believe you should be penalised for wanting to make your event or content better. The second is our ultra-portable production kit. No lorry. No van. Sometimes, not even a car. We carry everything we need for a 4 camera shoot in 1 case. Sometimes when we need a bit more kit, we take 2 of those cases. On most jobs we do, we don't need more than 2 people so not only are we mobile, but we are light on team also - and that's because all our cameras operate using full remote control of pan, tilt and zoom.

The reduced vehicle requirements and the low numbers in the production team have obvious positive environmental impacts too.

While we save on big vehicle usage and large teams as well as offering our flat-rate pricing structure, we don't sacrifice quality. Streaming 720 or at 1080 to single or multiple social channels, to single or multiple private servers, into online event platforms, pre-recorded sessions and record-only engagements are all our thing. Add in extended services such as live captioning, multi-language live audio translation and you'll soon forget that we shot everything you're outputting using devices that most of us have in our pockets.

We've worked with small businesses you won't know of and multi-billion dollar global household names. We've filmed everything from small fire-side chat style events through to large awards ceremonies in the Great Room at Grosvenor House on Park Lane as well as travelling nationally and internationally - always with our same tried and tested kit.

More recently, as the world has changed a little, so has our business adapted - During Covid 19, we've provided hours of free consultancy to event planners and businesses making the transition to online events. We've become the go-to company for advice in this regard - never with any pressure to use our service and always with the desire to make sure the people who have called us get the outcome they need for their event - but of course some of that free consultancy has turned to business and as a result, we've remote-produced hours and hours of live streams, webinars and the like for existing clients and new ones - leading the technical production for events streamed to national and global audiences in our new, online world. We'll continue to do this well into 2021 as well as beginning to get back to the more traditional live-events we've been used to.

We are Streeem. Proudly, the UKs first iphone-only, multi-camera livestream and event video production company. We use tech that will blow your mind but not your budget and we'd love to work with you.

Dominic Compagnone, July 2020.

1 Superstars testimonial for Streeem

Amazing people. Amazing Service. Wow

Having worked with Dom, Ed and the team for the 2 years, we can honestly say they are amazing at what they do. great service, great price, super professional and fun to work with too!

8 months ago by Neil Thompson

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