Meet Darren Lethem

Darren Lethem

For our latest Supplier Focus interview, we caught up with award winning radio, stage and event host, Darren Lethem

Q. Hi Darren. in a nutshell, tell us about your business and what you do.
A. I'm a freelance radio, stage and event host. I compere concerts, gigs, auctions and stage shows etc., as well as hosting on the radio. I used to work for many different stations but went freelance as I wanted to host more events and not just ones controlled by my employers.

Q. How did you get started in the industry?
A. I used to do hospital radio then in 1996 a mate of mine sent a cassette ( yes a tape ) to our local radio station and got on. I thought “if he can, I can” so I sent one in and got on the new station they were launching. I was working in travel at the time so it was only part time back then but I packed in the travel job and went full time radio in 1999.

Q. Best moment for you at your company so far?
A.Winning Sony Bronze Awards for producing the best breakfast show ( twice ) is high up there but also hosting so many wonderful events and gigs. I host Tribfest every year which is a 4 day and 4 night tricute band festival and the biggest in the world in its field. The buzz and thrill from that whole long weekend is just wonderful. We have had 13 Tribfests so far and to see it grow year by year is amazing.

Q. How can your services make a Delegate Wrangler’s life easier?
A. By providing them with an experienced and professional host or compere for their event. Whether it be an awards, a charity auction, sportsmans dinner, radio show or whatever I love to get involved and pride myself on doing a good job.

Q. And finally - you’ve got one question to ask a famous person – who would it be and what would you ask?
A. It would have to be to my idol, Michael Palin, and I would ask him “If you could pick just one day from all of your many adventures to re-live again, what would it be ?”

You can get in touch with Darren or follow him on social media here:
Tel: 07801 564119
Facebook: Darren Lethem
Twitter: @darrenlethem
Linked in: darrenlethem

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