Meet Nathalie Selvon-Bruce

Nathalie Selvon-Bruce

For our latest SUPPLIER FOCUS feature, we caught up with Nathalie Selvon-Bruce - owner of Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers - 11 years ago, Nathalie set up her business, hiring Classic VW Campers and Beetles form promotions etc.

Q. In a nutshell, tell us about where you work and your role there
A. Buttercup Bus Vintage Campers is a South London based company, that hires Classic VW Campers and Beetles to provide national promotional tour services, self-drive adventures, wedding cars, glitter bars and campervan photobooths – all using our collection of 7 pretty, classic Campers and Beetle.

Q. How did you get started in the industry?
A. A. Maternity leave enabled me to take time off from being a business Consultant in the City. I needed to purchase a bigger car for the latest addition to our family. My Smart Car was not going to fit a pram! I sold my little car, and rocked up in a 1970s pimped up, lowered VW Camper. My Husband’s jaw hit the floor – it was not the practical family car he had in mind. I justified her by using the campers good looks to do wedding car jobs to keep up with maintenance costs. Demand was higher than I ever expected, and I accidentally found myself with a little business, which then grew.

Q. Best moment for you at your company so far?
A. The time we promoted one of the largest childrens’ toy brands in the world, by running a branded campervan glitter bar at national toy stores. It was over the school holidays, and my own children actually gave me “cool mummy” kudos…. For once! Ha!

Q. How can your organisation’s services make a Delegate Wrangler’s life easier?
A. Having 11 years experience in campervan and beetle events, we have the low-down detail needed to make our element of your event a success. We are happy to get stuck into the job and support you – be that the nuances of risk assessment documentation to get indoor access for vehicles, or supporting your designers by providing templates, and consulting with artwork for vinyl wraps that complement the contours of the vehicle.

We can help you to pitch your proposals, with a catalogue of digital campervan and beetle case study eye-candy – and know how to commercialise our offerings to generate KPIs that your own clients might need. Our team have a large pool of suppliers, staff, company owned vehicles and services to ensure your campervan or beetle hire experience runs smoothly for your event.

Q. And finally - you’ve got one question to ask a famous person – who would it be and what would you ask?
A. Charlie Brooker (creator of Black Mirror) – With the global pandemic we currently face, which of your stories do you see being “closest to the bone”?.....

Special DW offer: We are happy to offer any fellow Delegate Wranglers that book our campervan photobooth services, a themed digital props graphics package. Eg for a beach party, digital cocktails, beach balls and sun hats. These will be offered alongside our standard basket of physical props, and offer a fun alternative for those guests that may be uncomfortable using shared physical props. Just drag and drop in the campervan photobooth! Contact us to discuss.

You can contact Nathalie here:
Tel: 0203 582 0289
Twitter: @buttercupbus
Linked in: