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Managed event technologist services for your registrations, communications, virtual & hybrid events.

While you focus on delivering unforgettable experiences, our team of event technologists will focus on making sure every aspect of your event is covered. From pre-event communications, the setup of your event website, registrations, producing live virtual sessions alongside your AV team all the way to post-event surveys.

We will provide guidance and dedicated live support every step of the way.

We know event tech can be tricky...

How are you supposed to keep up with your workload planning events and manage your event websites, apps, registrations, virtual environments and analytics?

This is where we come in, we handle all of that for you, and you focus on continuing to create amazing experiences.

We understand how frustrating and expensive tech can be.

This is why we offer you a free 15/30/60 minute consultation call to go over your event and guide you on the most cost-effective options available to you.

During this call, we’ll be able to establish what you’ll be doing to bring your event to life and what you’ll require us to do.

Everything we offer is pay-to-use, so there are never any hidden costs.

Some of the services we have to offer you

  • Websites & Microsites
  • Apps
  • Virtual Events
  • Hybrid Event Solutions
  • Webinars
  • Event Check-In Solutions
  • Registration Solutions
  • Additional Solutions

How we work with you

  1. Exploration: Video call to consult on your needs and what platform we recommend.
  2. Briefing: You send us a brief of what you require.
  3. Quoting: We provide you with an itemised quote.
  4. Build & Launch: We build and/or manage what you need.
  5. Event Day: Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure success.
  6. Post: Post-event/project debrief and reconciliation.

10 Superstars testimonials for Symbiometry

We are pleased to have worked with the dedicated team.

Symbiometry supported the NWU T&L Conference committee by providing support with a project management platform, registration administration, communication, progress and monitoring, and development of the mobile application for easy access to the three-day conference programme. During the Conference, there was a dedicated technical team and (@Tech) platform. Behind the scenes, Symbiometry efficiently provided technical support to delegates.

The following are direct testimonials from respondents:

“Everything was excellent and engaging. I want to commend the organisers, presenters and the support staff for a great experience. It was easy to attend, the topics were engaging and thought-provoking and it broadened my insights into the TL culture at the NWU.”

“I think this is the best conference I attended in a while. Great relevant speakers, felt like I was present on the 3 sites. Good ICT support and organization. Loved the conference app!!! Cannot wait
for 2022. Thank you and well done CTL!!!!”

"On behalf of the Conference organising committee, we acknowledge the professionalism of the team from Symbiometry. We are pleased to have worked with the dedicated team that honoured their commitments towards NWU"

1 year ago by Dr Jessica Pool

Impressed by their willingness to support us

We started working with Symbiometry after being let down by support from our online conferencing platform. After flagging an issue with the user community, Symbiometry offered us free advice in the forum that was so helpful I decided to approach them on a more formal basis.

From the very first meeting with Patrizia and Michael, I was impressed by their willingness to support us as fellow users of the platform not simply as clients. They have happily shared best practices, user tips and advice so that we can get the best out of the powerful tool both by ourselves and with their support.

We have used Symbiometry to manage our support tickets at all of our events since the start of September and this has given the team both the confidence and the flexibility to concentrate on hosting the event. If problems have occurred for the team during the event then Symbiometry have been on hand to advise us, as well as our delegates.

1 year ago by Gabi Gutteridge

Impressed by how well it worked

Please extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone involved in arranging your conference.

It was the first time I attended a virtual conference, and I was impressed by well it worked.

If other conferences are done this way in the future, I might attend some of your offshore conferences especially since travel budgets are now becoming an issue!

1 year ago

Blown away

As a first-time user of the Symbiometry platform, I was blown away by your helpful, professional manner, and desire to optimise the experience of my users in all ways.

1 year ago by Courtney Granger

A pleasure to work with!

Symbiometry is a pleasure to work with! We have used their services on many event RSVP sites over the past two years and they have always been reliable, have a quick turn-around time and are flexible with our budgets.

1 year ago by Aysha Genlloud

Delighted to work with Symbiometry

Our Cruise Line is delighted to work with Symbiometry and their professional team, assisting us across the Northern Europe and MEA events and incentives. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

1 year ago

I can’t imagine working with any other team.

My journey started with Pat, Michael and the team from Symbiometry over 10 years ago. From day 1 I experienced their professional and high-end service and product deliverables with the utmost attention to detail. Not only are they on the forefront of ever-changing technology, but they are also the most professional, humble and fun team to work with.

In my game, I often hear the saying, “Client is King” but for for me, my suppliers are King too and I can’t imagine working with any other team. I am proud to partner with Symbiometry and have them as part of my events team.

1 year ago by Tarryn Bentley-Gross, Everything Events Expert – Consul-T Events.

Highly recommend Symbiometry

I can highly recommend Symbiometry, we have been working with Pat and her team for many years and are extremely happy with the quality of work they produce. They understand events and event requirements and offer a one-stop shop for effective event planning and RSVP management. It is always a pleasure working with them.

1 year ago by Superlative Incentives & Events

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FAQs answered by Symbiometry

Do I need experience to use your software?
Not at all! We do all of the heavy lifting for you, you focus on planning and executing amazing events and we manage all of the technology and software for you, whatever you use-.
We already have a software license and don't need yours, are you able to supply technical support or assistance?
We offer this to many companies, where they will use their own software etc and we will assist them with anything outside of their technical expertise and provide live support along the way and on the day/s of their events.
What is the cost per event?
We charge per event and only bill for what you require and need help with/use. You might need registration, an event website, a virtual platform, live-support, graphic design and a mobile app? You might need all or none of these services or something else entirely. All of our quotes are itemised and you can always remove or add services when needed.
What sort of events are you able to assist us with?
We are a full suite event technology service agency and are able to assist you with all of your events. In-person, hybrid or virtual. For those events that require a bit more, we are able to create systems to manage your travel and accommodation requirements, manage payments, connect attendees with meeting matching and almost anything you can think of. We specialise in the impossible.
Will we be tied into using one event management platform?
No. Many clients, have events where they need to use one system to capture registrations, another for their event website, another for their virtual event and another for their in-person event app. This can be because of familiarity and wanting to use what they know or have a licence for or it might be set by their client for similar reasons. We will work within the requirements set by you and your clients, although, we do have preferred all-in-one solutions that we prefer to use like EventsAir.