The Professional Icebreaker

Member since 29th Jan 2021

Keeping your corporate events invigorating, entertaining and running like clockwork is always a challenge, especially when you have to maintain a professional atmosphere, keep attendees interested and absorbed and stay entirely on-brand right the way through, which is where I come in, as The Professional Icebreaker.

From experience I have found that the sooner guests get chatting to new people, the sooner they will warm up and enjoy the event, which means it’s a much quicker success and is why I specialise in breaking the ice.

I use my lively sleight of hand sorcery as a guise to break the ice and entertain guests, which means that you can employ me for corporate functions, FAM Trips, networking events or by using my complete conference facilitation service, where I’ll play host and provide icebreakers, energisers, workshops and team build activities for the entire event all with a magical and unique element.