The Sanguine Writing House

Member since 4th Nov 2021

The Sanguine Writing House was created as a direct result of the global pandemic and the need to find an alternative to social gatherings. The motivation was both commercial, as this is seen as a long-term opportunity to provide alternative entertainment events to the corporate sector and social groups and to help with current mental health issues caused by isolation and a reduction in social contact. The main writer is based in Glasgow and suffers from depression and therefore addressing issues caused by depression and mental health is a key motivator.

The business is based on the highly innovative skills of a fiction writer and a software engineer. The challenge is to continually create original themes on a regular basis and continuously improve and develop the prototype platform that has already been developed. The main target market is corporate team building where large companies can use this virtual Murder Mystery platform for bonding and problem solving to build team cohesion. This is a low-cost alternative to in-situ events with similar results.