Butlin's Minehead

Butlin's Minehead (which includes the iconic Skyline Pavilion, that was built in 1999), boasts one of the most impressive stretches of coastline in the UK. There’s a real high-quality feel about this place that is lacking in so many seaside resorts. Butlin's Minehead feels refined, from its original buildings to its newest chalets. Butlin's has a long-standing reputation for a fun family getaway and while the resort in Minehead has plenty of this, what most event professionals might not expect is a seriously impressive events capability that has nearly 10 years experience delivering conferences, events, meetings, dinners and more across this stunning space.

As we walked around the resort, it was clear that Butlin's is constantly keeping things fresh and new. There were so, so, so many places for your delegates to stay, including their West Lake Chalets, which were built only 8 years ago. They really were beautiful, scenic, but most importantly, homely, set around a beautiful landscaped area which really helped enhance the resort’s location. The chalet’s were cozy feeling and felt like the perfect place to wind down after a busy day of work and play with the fantastic facilities on site here.

As we arrived, the first impression that came over us was the spaciousness of this resort, outdoor and indoor - there was no sign of cramped walkways and concrete surroundings. This was a green and golden little oasis where you could feel the sea breeze and see the beautiful Exmoor hills in the distance. All the outdoor space screamed teambuilding… and our suspicions were in fact true. This venue is packed with teambuilding facilities, indoor and outdoor, for any kind of adventure. It almost feels custom-made for a work awayday adventure, with a waterpark, meeting rooms, a host of impressive bedrooms and of course, all this well maintained outdoor space.

Address: Warren Road, Minehead, TA24 5SH
Website: Butlin's Conferences & Events
Conference Sales Contact: Dan Elliott
Email: events@butlins.com
Distance and time from nearest airport: Bristol Airport, 51 Miles Away
Distance and time from nearest railway station: Taunton Train Station, 23 miles

One lovely feature, that is possible for an additional charge, is the option of having the famous Redcoats who can meet & greet delegates at the train station & airport – Butlin's tell us that their clients love that!

One of the best details about Butlin's Minehead is the absolutely mind-blowing array of team-building facilities that they can offer all around their resort. Take a spin around their fairground, or even more thrilling, have a laugh with mini driving (as fun as it sounds). For sports lovers, there’s bowling a huge outdoor grass area that features a well-manicured football pitch and testing climbing wall or aerial assault course.

The facilities at Butlin's Minehead are its crowning jewel, everything about what this resort can offer across all of its different spaces screams quality, practicality and class, all in this fantastic location.

The meeting spaces at this resort are usefully located all in one designated area of the resort, with every space having an accessible entry. This area boasts the ability to hire out the whole location in a corporate takeover style event, in which you can take your 100-1600 clients and make the place your own, with a whole host of stunning meeting spaces.

Before we focus on three slightly smaller meeting spaces that wowed us in our highlights - how could we not talk about the Skyline Pavilion Arena here at Butlin's Minehead. This place is serious. Introduced 20 years ago to provide space for huge-scale events at this seaside resort, the Skyline Pavilion fits 6000 in tiered seating or 7000 standing, that’s nearly a third of all Delegate Wranglers in there!

Some bits we really liked about the Skyline Pavilion was the massively high tent-style roof means that the space has this really unique festival tent (without the mud!) style indoor-outdoor feel to it, you can get food tucks inside to create a lively feel, which are provided in house by the stunning catering facilities at Butlin's, speaking of catering….

Butlin's Minehead has some cracking catering available that covers all bases, comfort, class and coolness. First of all, the resort offers on site dining provided by themselves across a number of locations including the Firehouse Grill, the Beachcomber Inn, the Diner and a cracking traditional takeaway fish and chips spot that we couldn’t help but go back to.

Not to mention some of the fantastic external venues that Butlin's host on-site, such as Chopstix, Papa Johns, Burger King and Costa Coffee, if you need a quick bite or coffee while shooting from one meeting space to another… speaking of meeting spaces…

Meeting Space Highlight: Centre Stage
Centre Stage was a brill, well-equipped entertaining space that’s perfect for presentations and launches. This place really feels like you’re about to watch a grand opening, or a comedian at their peak, entertain everyone in the space. It’s one of the venue’s biggest spaces and really feels like such with a massive array of equipment on site, and RGB lighting systems that can turn the room into an other-worldly space!

Natural light: No
Standing: 2000
Theatre: 1800
Cabaret: 648
Dinner: 500

AV Equipment included: Everything you can imagine - dozens of mics, projectors, Intercom, large LED screens etc etc.


Meeting Space Highlight: Studio 36
Studio 36 is a more business-focused stage space that’s one of Butlins’ newest additions, in 2021. It’s an all-weather, highly versatile events space that is - honestly - perfect for any size conference or event. The space also has access to another breathtaking bunch of production and AV equipment that means your presentation or awards evening can be as grand, and spectacular as you can imagine

Natural light: Yes
Theatre: 1600
Cabaret: 1100

AV Equipment included: yet again, Everything you can imagine - dozens of mics, projectors, Intercom, large LED screens etc etc.


Meeting Space Highlight: Reds
Reds is Butlin’s’ most classic and moody space, the meeting area is usually filled with Butlin’s in-house entertainment team who host a plethora of live events there - mostly very musical, and very fun. The best part is, this space is also available to make your own and can be draped in star cloth for that more intimate feel!

Natural light: No
Theatre: 1000
Cabaret: 400
Classroom: 440
Dinner: 700

AV Equipment included: Dozens of mics, projectors, Intercom, large LED screens and backstage areas.


Our stay at Butlin's was a great one, the staff were fantastic, the venues were grand and really shone with the amazing equipment available to every booker. And the location, wow, this really topped it all off. Not only were you being able to use some fantastic venues in this resort, but stepping outside meant looking out over the beach one way and the hills another, a seaside scenic event professionals dream!