The Insurance Hall

Built in the 19th century, The Insurance Hall stands in central London as not only a beautiful architectural reminder of centuries gone by, but also as a stunning, effective and character-filled venue with four uniquely charming meeting spaces.

This building was opened by King George V as the Insurance Hall in 1934 - this didn’t shock us, there’s a regal and royal feeling to this venue that we haven’t felt in a long time, maybe it’s the fantastic location in the capital, or maybe it’s the meticulously crafted, ornate finishings on every wall, interior and exterior - but this place feels fit for a king or queen. It's also been the home of the UK Insurance sector for over 80 years - it's such a prestigious and impressive event venue steeped in history, heritage and architectural significance, a hidden gem in one of the City of London’s most decorated and prestigious buildings.

Location wise - this place is fantastic, imagine the following stations in a clockwise circle around The Insurance Hall: Moorgate, Liverpool St, Bank, St Paul’s and Barbican. That’s right, every single one of these stations is less than a 10-minute walk from The Insurance Hall, if that’s not connected - we’re not sure what is.

Address: 20-21 Aldermanbury, London, EC2V 7HY
Conference Sales Contact: Itzik Shtrosberg
Tel: 020 8142 9369
Distance from nearest airport: 20.9miles and 1hr 10mins via car to London Heathrow Airport
Distance from nearest railway station: 0.3 mile and 6mins walk to Moorgate station

The entirety of this building is a stunner from the outside, and as you enter into the comfortable reception area - the welcoming feeling continues. The Insurance Hall doesn’t cover the entirety of the building, but instead, boasts the stunning ground floor area that covers their main rooms. You’ll get a feel for the decadence of this place as soon as you enter, we definitely did.

There’s even stone steps that lead to the entrance, that flows seamlessly into the Tudor architecture, there’s so many incredible touches around this place that will give such a unique feel to your next event, like the incredible finishings on the interior, or the crests that adorn the walls - hundreds of years old.

All of the key spaces within The Insurance Hall are accessible from the lobby - as you enter, The Court Room and The Jubilee Room are to your left, The Great Hall (and it is great) opens out to your right, and directly in front is The President Suite.

The building itself is split almost in half, with The Great Hall and The President Suite standing as the highly character filled sections of the venue with stained-glass windows and built-in fireplaces. We loved the chairs in these spaces too which are large and leather-covered which really add to the historical setting.

The other half of The Insurance Hall is much more modern and fresher, while still being housed within this incredible historic building. These spaces come with built in AV systems that were implemented thoughtfully during the design process - something they didn’t manage in the 18th century! That said, the older spaces are still incredibly well equipped with AV and production equipment. All of this really made us feel that the sweet spot for this venue would be conferences or product launches, those kinds of 200-person bustling events filled with energy and excitement!

There’s also food aplenty here at The Insurance Hall. Breakfast, working lunches, canapés and bowl food are all available for your event. All ingredients are locally sourced from specially selected suppliers, and they work with Assured Food Standards to procure Red Tractor Certified produce like free-range meat and poultry and sustainably sourced fish from the famous Billingsgate Market.

Before we move onto the meeting space highlights, where we’ve got four amazing spaces on offer for you - it’s worth noting that the Coach pickup location is at the front of the venue at Aldermanbury and that Wi-Fi is indeed included in all packages when booking an event at The Insurance Hall.

The Insurance Hall has well-equipped and characterful spaces to suit a variety of corporate events. Registration takes place in the main lobby area before you enter, meaning guests are instantly catered for from entrance to event! - We love this space, it’s just so impressive, it could definitely host an unforgettable evening event!

Meeting Space Highlight: The Great Hall
An impressive room by any standards. Spacious with plenty of natural daylight and full of impressive iconic period features of oak panelling and magnificent stained-glass windows, detailing a history of insurance companies from the past.

Best use - Conferences, Drinks Receptions, Panel Discussions, AGMs & Awards!

Natural light: Yes
Size: 16.6m x 13.0m Sq.M: 215.8
Reception: 260
Theatre: 240
Cabaret: 112
Classroom: 60
AV Equipment included: Features an automated blackout system, 13ft ballroom projector, 4.0m x 2.2m 16:9 format electronic projection screen, PA line array. subwoofer system, two handheld microphones and one lectern microphone and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Meeting Space Highlight: The Court Room
With more fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows, this room is perfect for training, meetings and workshops. The space can also be used as a breakout or catering room when hosting a conference in The Great Hall. It’s one of the more modern suites in the building, yet still has a classiness about it with amazing marble wall detailing, and so much natural light thanks to those fantastic windows!

Natural light: Yes
Size: 7.7m x 6.1m Sq.M: 46.97
Reception: 60
Theatre: 44
Cabaret: 25
Classroom: 22

AV Equipment included: LCD projector and screen and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Meeting Space Highlight: The Jubilee Room
Just a touch smaller than The Court Room, The Jubilee Room is perfect for smaller, more intimate meetings where work can get done. This could also be a good space for teaching/pitching or presentations with versatile desk setup options to whatever your requirements may be.

Natural light: Yes
Size: 6.6m x 4.4m Sq.M: 29.4
Reception: 26
Theatre: 26
Cabaret: 16
Classroom: 18

AV Equipment included: LCD projector and screen and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Meeting Space Highlight: The President Suite
Perfect for small board meetings, this is an inviting, relaxed and comfortable space with stunning period furniture, implemented with a serious sense of style. Located opposite The Great Hall, the space could also provide a great green room area to give speakers the space to prepare for their presentations.

Natural light: No
Size: 4.8m x 3.1m Sq.M: 14.8
Reception: N/A
Theatre: N/A
Cabaret: N/A
Classroom: N/A
Dining: 10

AV Equipment included: HDR screen with wireless setup and complimentary Wi-Fi.


Overall, this was a fantastic little venue in the capital, which packed a huge punch into a smaller footprint. Historic, elegant and classy. This was a centrally located classic with some heart, which isn’t to be missed for your next event! Definitely one to check out and have in mind for your next event.