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Virtual event platform

The hub for your online event. Bringing together all the elements to make an event work: Interactive agendas, Q&A, chat rooms as well as our 1-1 and group HD video conferencing with appointment scheduling and exhibition demo areas.

Physical production

A crew making the show happen. Vision mixing, audio engineering, overlaying graphics and streaming. Intergrating all the big brands: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or our own full HD video calling.Virtual productionMuch the same as physical production but we utilise powerful computers in the cloud to allow us to run your event completely virtually. Allowing our crew to operate remotely while still being connected as one virtual team.

Studio Network

Hybrid events can be broadcast from anywhere. Using one of our trusted partner studios, or from your own premises. All our studio partners meet a minimum specification for broadcast quality content and all look fantastic.

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Outstanding quality and service

When it comes to running Live, Streamed and Hybrid events, Virtual Studio Events go above and beyond what you'd expect. The company is led by James Jones, who is the consummate professional. He has mastered his craft and works tirelessly to create a fantastic product for his clients. I've worked with James and his team on many events and I'm struck by the way they work with their clients to get innovative, creative, and outstanding results tailored for each project. I thoroughly recommend Virtual Studio Events

2 years ago by Alastair Greener - MD - Present Yourself Ltd

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