The importance of those Christmas party moments...

The importance of those Christmas party moments...

Published by Neil Thompson

28th July 2021

Published by Neil Thompson
28th July 2021

Steve Burton of Smart Pics UK gave us the lowdown on all things to think about when planning to use a photographer or photo booth for your clients' Christmas parties.

Christmas parties will be in full swing this Christmas after many months of lockdown restrictions and the virtual cancellation of last Christmas. The pent up demand will exceed the available supply of quality vendors and suppliers.

For the corporate world this festive season may well be the first time many teams have physically socialised or even met rather than interacted by zoom from home.

You no doubt chose the venue ages ago and even selected the catering and drinks package and are now just thinking about photography. After all a Christmas party just isn’t complete without a takeaway photo is it ?

The first thing any planner needs to consider apart from budget is the kind of photography service you require, it may be a roving photographer doing “ pap “ style nightclub photography, a pop up studio with studio lighting where guests are encouraged to pose by a professional photographer or the ever popular photo booth.

The latter is by far the most popular offering instant photos within seconds which can be branded with company names and text or maybe have a / client sponsor branding to offset some of the cost.

Pictures can even be shared instantly from the booth by text or email.

The latest photo booths may look dated but they are a far cry from the “ passport machine “ photo booths found in train stations and supermarkets for headshots. They are open air so can accommodate larger groups of people which is always popular as the evening draws on, after all if everyones having so much fun why hide it behind a curtain.

You need to carefully consider the space required ideally 3x3m but if circumstances dictate smaller spaces can be used. Outdoor or exterior space is now being used more and more as venues have to consider capacity of guests all standing in confined space due to Covid concerns.

Make sure your vendor has flexibility to quickly adapt to changing space requirements and can setup and breakdown in the time allocated. Most of all make sure you all have a plan B agreed.

After covering many corporate parties some sage words for guests when it comes to party photo’s ; you’ve taken time and effort to get glammed up and looking your best, get some nice flattering photo’s early on in the evening and do the silly one’s with your mates later on when your suitably ‘refreshed”

Finally now we are in the age of social media and instant sharing don’t allow yourself to be photographed in any pose that could cause embarrassment or offence to you or your employer. The employment tribunals and tabloid newspapers have seen it all so many times before, don’t let it be you !

Above all have fun, make up for last Christmas and show the world you're back in the game !

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