3 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

3 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Published by Neil Thompson

17th June 2020

Published by Neil Thompson
17th June 2020

Each day, our phones always seem to be both our greatest asset for communication and getting stuff done, while also seeming to do just the opposite and limit real life efficiency.Today, we're going to take a look at 3 apps which can help boost your productivity and make the time on and off your phone feel well spent.

1. Forest - £1.99
Forest is an app close to my heart, and probably that of anyone who's also found themselves in tune with the app's simple, yet perfectly executed premise. This app is all about not being on your phone and avoiding those pesky distractions that a dormant phone, laying on a desk (ready to ding) can provide.

Here you set a timer and for the duration of that time, whether it be 15 or 120 minutes, a tree will grow, exiting the app will, sadly, lead to the tree dying. But I've found that little is more satisfying than slowly cultivating a little collection of shrubbery, whilst also increasing my output.. Its whitelisting function is also extra helpful for anyone who works on a phone, as certain apps can be whitelisted meaning that using them while growing the tree is allowed - but whitelisting instagram is cheating!

Although priced at (a one time fee of) £1.99, the value this charming and practical app has brought me is so much more, value than the less-than-a coffee price tag, and with 38 hours worth of tree-growing this year, I don't see any sign of my usage slowing, an instant recommendation.

2. Todoist - FREE
Where Forest succeeds in simplicity, Todoist succeeds in its ability to create complex and ultra organised to do lists. Its ability to create folders of to do lists for different aspects of life helps to streamline focus in a way not many other apps do.

Unlike other to do list apps, todoist goes above and beyond by taking advantage of the tech available on your phone such as allowing you to choose when you want to send yourself reminder notifications to push your further towards your goal, whatever that may be.

A wildly customisable app which allows you to even colour code your productive targets, all for free, has unbelievable potential to scale up to as high and complex as you want to set your goals. A great app to keep your life in check and one I have found particular use in during stressful times such as high workload weeks or even exam periods for students.

3. Headspace - Free / Premium
To step aside from Todoists ultra-focused goal setting and high achieving outlook, headspace is more about finding productivity within yourself. Another app close to my heart, headspace can help you navigate the most stressful times in life with ten minutes out of each day, to ensure that the other 1030 minutes are as positive and successful as they can be.

An app focused on meditation and mindfulness, this is a recommendation for everyone, no matter if you are the most productive person in the world, the clarity that headspace brings can push anyone another 10% to achieve their targets and increase their output on a daily basis.

Headspace offers multiple basics courses to introduce a beginner at meditation, just as I was, gradually and to guide them to finding a better focus. The premium version of headspace opens up a seemingly unlimited library of meditation courses from creative thinking to letting go of stress, or even coping with pain. A great alternate route to find productivity with your phone wherever you are.

We hope you've enjoyed this article, we'll keep checking everything out and bring another one to you soon

Alexander Thompson

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